Damon Lindelof

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Damon L. Lindelof is a television writer and executive, most recently noted as a producer and writer for the hit television series Lost. He has also written and produced Crossing Jordan, and wrote for Nash Bridges, Wasteland, and the MTV anthology series Undressed. Previous work included review of scripts at Paramount, Fox, and Alan Ladd studios. Lindelof is a native of Teaneck, New Jersey.

Mr. Lindelof is a self-professed Stephen King fan and appears to have put (consciously or unconsciously) many references to his work into the Lost television series, most notably from The Dark Tower series. While a college student, Mr. Lindelof performed in the band Petting Zoo.

He is currently producing a comic book for Marvel Comics called entitled Ultimate Hulk vs Wolverine, which takes place in the Ultimate Marvel universe.

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