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Image:Alphaflight1.jpg Alpha Flight is a Canadian team of super heroes, created for Marvel Comics by Chris Claremont and Canadian native John Byrne.

The team's first appeared in "Uncanny X-Men", #120-#121, and was first featured in its own series in 1983.


Volume One

Though reluctant to take the job, Byrne wrote and drew the series for 29 issues before handing it off to another creative team. During that time, the series attracted fans with storylines that dealt with one or two characters at a time, seldom bringing all the members together. This unusual approach contrasted with other Marvel team series like the X-Men, the Avengers, or the Fantastic Four.

The initial makeup of Alpha Flight was pan-Canadian, including:

After Byrne left, the series was written by many others, including Bill Mantlo, James Hudnall, Fabian Nicieza, and Scott Lobdell. It continued for 130 issues, introduced dozens of characters and villains (the most prominent of which were Talisman, Madison Jeffries, Box, Diamond Lil, Manikin, Persuasion, and Goblyn), and featured cross-overs with other characters in the Marvel universe. The series ended in 1994.

Volume Two

In 1997, Marvel restarted the series as a Volume 2, with largely different characters. This series ended in 1999 after only twenty issues and an annual. The new additions to the roster included:

Volume Three - "All-New, All-Different" Alpha Flight


In 2004, Marvel started a new volume of Alpha Flight, with the "All-New, All-Different" prefix. The first six-issue story arc, which shows Sasquatch attempting to construct the new team, is called "You Gotta Be Kiddin' Me." The series was cancelled again at issue #12 due to low sales.

The new team recruited by Sasquatch includes:

  • Centennial, a 97-year-old man whose Supermanesque mutant powers manifested after being awoken from a coma by Sasquatch.
  • Major Mapleleaf, the son of a WW2 super-hero of the same name and a stereotypical goody-two shoes (secretly a normal human who rides a superpowered horse).
  • Nemesis, an old Alpha Flight adversary/ally.
  • Puck, the daughter of the Alpha Flight member of the same name.
  • Yukon Jack, a mysterious man from a primitive tribe, bought from his father by Sasquatch.


Alpha Flight will be appearing in issue 16 of Marvel's New Avengers. The solicitation for the issue describes this as "Alpha Flight... in their final battle!!" Whether this means the team will disband, rename themselves, or die en-masse is yet to be seen.

Sketches from the book reveal Sasquatch, Guardian, Vindicator, Major Mapleleaf II, and both Pucks investigating what would appear to be some burning wreckage.

Other appearances

Alpha Flight was seen on the X-men animated episode Repo Man. Vindicator and the Canadian Alpha Flight capture Wolverine. The Canadian government demand their project back. Either he joins their team as originally planned or they repossess his indestructible, adamantium skeleton.

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